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  1. What does in mean to wash clothes with coal and it was foaming and the clothes was stainless due to the fact I was using coal to wash a white clothe.

    • Dreams are highly subjective and personal, and their meanings can vary. However, if we analyze the elements you mentioned, washing clothes with coal and observing foam while the clothes turn stainless, it could symbolize a transformative process.

      The coal represents a dark or negative aspect of your life, and washing clothes with it symbolizes the act of purifying or cleansing that negativity. The foaming indicates an intense, energetic cleansing process.

      The white clothes turning stainless may signify the successful removal of impurities or negative influences, resulting in a sense of purity or innocence. Overall, this dream could signify your desire for personal growth, self-improvement, and a fresh start.

    • I saw myself in a wedding gown and I also saw wedding venue hall

      • Seeing yourself in a wedding gown and a wedding venue hall in a dream might symbolize your subconscious desires, anxieties, or expectations related to marriage, commitment, or significant life changes. It’s essential to consider your own feelings and circumstances for a more accurate interpretation.

  2. I have this dream often enough that I can remember during the (very real dream) that it has happened before. One or the other of my cats will suddenly have a duplicate that I am certain in the dream is a skinwalker posing as my cat. In every instance so far, I was sure it was reality and just played along, while harboring a fear of saying the word or drawing attention to it. Why is this happenjng?

    • It sounds like you’re having a recurring dream where one of your cats is duplicated and you believe that the duplicate is a “skinwalker” pretending to be your cat. Dreams can be influenced by various factors, including our thoughts, emotions, and experiences. While dreams can be complex and have different interpretations for different individuals, I can offer a general explanation for your recurring dream in simple terms.

      Dreams often reflect our subconscious thoughts, fears, and emotions. In your dream, the duplicate cat may symbolize a sense of unease or suspicion. The presence of a “skinwalker” could represent a feeling of deception or something or someone pretending to be what they’re not.

      The fear of saying the word or drawing attention to it in your dream could indicate a sense of vulnerability or fear of confronting the situation directly. It’s common for dreams to include elements that evoke strong emotions or fears that we might not be fully aware of in our waking lives.

      While dreams can be meaningful, it’s important to remember that they don’t always have a straightforward explanation. They are highly subjective and can vary from person to person. If this dream continues to bother you or you want to explore its meaning further, you might consider discussing it with a therapist or dream interpreter who can provide more personalized insights.

  3. I dreamed a man whom i am in love with (but we are not together) gave to me a gift of two salmon. They were very large and beautiful. He had caught them. He asked me if I like them and I said yes I thought they were beautiful.
    Then I got into the back seat of this man’s SUV and when I looked out the backseat window as we were driving away I saw my late husband sitting in his parked truck watching me. Our eyes met and we were watching each other as the SUV drove away. I asked the driver if it was too late to stop and get my things. He answered he was sorry that he had not stopped but that my late husband had not given the signal of waggling his tires.
    I remember feeling happy about the salmon and cared for by my late husband.

    • In this dream, the symbolism can be interpreted as follows:

      The man you are in love with but not together with represents your emotional desires and feelings towards this person in your waking life.

      The gift of two large and beautiful salmon that the man gives you symbolizes the abundance of love and care he has for you. The salmon, being a prized catch, also represents something valuable and cherished.

      Getting into the back seat of the man’s SUV suggests that you may be in a passive or submissive role in this relationship, or that you are going along with the flow without taking charge.

      Seeing your late husband in his parked truck watching you indicates that you still hold emotions and memories of your late husband, who seems to be watching over you, providing a sense of comfort and support.

      Your interaction with your late husband through eye contact reflects a connection to the past and the emotions you still carry for him.

      The SUV driving away without stopping to get your things might indicate that you are moving forward in life and leaving the past behind, even though there may be some unfinished emotional business or unresolved feelings.

      Overall, the dream seems to represent a mix of emotions related to your current love interest, your late husband’s memory, and the process of moving on. It reflects your feelings of happiness and care, as well as the desire to find a balance between your past and present emotions.

  4. I dreamt when a wild African Buffalo was chasing me in the jungle. For a long time I ran through the jungle and found a huge tree that I climbed. I could see the buffalo down on the ground trying to shake up the tree so that I fall down. Surprisingly, up in the tree, I realized that the tree branches I was attempting to hold onto had been cut and likely to fall off in case an extra weight was added on them. So I kept moving around from one branch to another avoiding falling off. I woke up before I fell down from the tree but still seeing the wild African Buffalo racing angrily down the tree.

    Please help me understand this.

    • Hey there! Dreams can be quite fascinating, and they often reflect our subconscious thoughts and feelings. Let’s break down the elements of your dream:

      In your dream, you were in the jungle, and a wild African Buffalo was chasing you. This buffalo represents something in your life that might be causing you stress or fear. It could be a challenge, a problem, or even a person or situation.

      As you ran through the jungle and climbed a huge tree, it shows that when faced with difficulties, you try to find a safe escape or solution. The tree represents your way of dealing with the problem – finding higher ground and trying to get away from it.

      However, upon climbing the tree, you noticed that the branches you were holding onto were cut and could break if you added more weight. This may symbolize your concerns about relying on certain solutions or support systems in your life. You might be worried that they won’t be able to handle additional pressure or demands.

      The good news is that you were aware of the situation, and you kept moving from one branch to another to avoid falling. This indicates your resourcefulness and adaptability in real life. You are actively trying to find stable ground and not let things fall apart.

      The dream might be telling you that you’re facing a challenging situation, and you’re trying your best to handle it. It’s a reminder that you have the ability to adapt and find solutions, even when things seem uncertain.

      Overall, the dream could be reflecting your feelings of being chased or pressured, but it also shows your resilience and willingness to find a way out. It’s a reminder that you have the strength to deal with difficulties, even if they seem overwhelming at times. Keep being resourceful and confident, and you’ll be able to handle whatever comes your way! Let me know if you have anything to know.

      • This is a perfect interpretation. Indeed I am currently dealing with some challenges and tapping into different resources to handle them. Thank you very much!

  5. Lilith McCallum Reply

    When I was a kid I’d have this recurring dream a lot that goes something like this: All my toys come to life and attack me, I in-turn was trapped in slow motion and my voice was extremely muffled and distorted. How would you interpret this?

    • Dreams can be fascinating and often carry symbolic meanings. In your recurring dream, the toys coming to life and attacking you might represent feelings of fear or anxiety about things from your past or present. These toys, which are usually associated with fun and playfulness, now seem threatening, suggesting that there might be something in your life that you feel overwhelmed or attacked by.

      The feeling of being trapped in slow motion and having a muffled, distorted voice might indicate that you feel powerless or unable to express yourself clearly in certain situations. It could suggest a sense of helplessness or difficulty in communicating your feelings or needs.

      Overall, this dream may reflect underlying feelings of fear, vulnerability, or lack of control in your waking life. It could be related to challenges or stress you’re facing, or emotions from the past that still affect you. Exploring these feelings and finding ways to address them could potentially help reduce the frequency of this dream. Remember, dreams often serve as a way for our subconscious to process emotions and experiences, so paying attention to them can offer insights into our inner world.

  6. I am alone in the middle of the desert, nothing but sand in every direction. There is only the sound of silence. After a while I hear a noise in the distance. It gets louder and louder until suddenly I see dozens of horsemen galloping towards me. The noise is deafening. One of the riders snatches a golf flag that has suddenly appeared beside me in the sand. They all ride by me into the distance with the golf flag. The noise becomes quieter until I am left alone with just the sound of silence as at the beginning of the dream.
    This was a recurring dream when I was young. It was so terrifying I was afraid to go to bed in case I had the dream again. I’ve always wondered what it meant.

    • Dreams can be complex and carry multiple layers of meaning, but let’s try to analyze the elements of your recurring dream and explore some possible interpretations:

      Alone in the desert: The desert often symbolizes a feeling of isolation, emptiness, or a sense of being lost or disconnected. It could reflect a period in your life when you felt alone or overwhelmed by life’s challenges.

      Sound of silence: The silence can signify a lack of communication or emotional expression in your waking life. It may suggest that you have difficulty expressing your feelings or that you feel unheard or ignored.

      Noise in the distance: The approaching noise represents something entering your life that disrupts the peaceful silence. This could be a problem, an upcoming challenge, or an unexpected event that you fear might overwhelm you.

      Horsemen galloping towards you: Horsemen are often associated with power, control, and a sense of urgency. Their approach could symbolize the feeling of being chased or pursued by something in your life, whether it be responsibilities, expectations, or your fears and anxieties.

      Snatching the golf flag: The golf flag may represent a symbol of achievement, competition, or goals. The horseman taking it away could indicate a sense of having your accomplishments or aspirations taken from you or feeling defeated in your pursuits.

      Sound becoming quieter again: As the horsemen ride away, the noise becomes quieter, and you are left with silence once more. This could symbolize a return to the feeling of isolation or disconnection after a period of chaos or stress.

      Overall, this dream appears to reflect a sense of fear and anxiety about facing challenges or feeling overwhelmed by external forces. It may have been recurring because these feelings of isolation, loss, and being pursued were deeply rooted in your subconscious during your younger years.

      To gain a deeper understanding of the dream’s meaning, it’s essential to reflect on the context of your life when you were experiencing this dream repeatedly. Consider the events, emotions, and situations you were dealing with at that time, as they may provide further insight into the dream’s significance. If this dream continues to impact you emotionally or interferes with your well-being, speaking with a professional therapist or counselor might be beneficial in exploring its significance and finding ways to address any unresolved feelings or fears.

      • Super speedy reply and detailed interpretation, thank you! I last had this dream over 50 years ago so it may take me a while to fully appreciate what might have been going on then.

      • So, there was a friend threw papers at me. They called me a liar, a fake and telling me that I let everyone down. And then, there were bunch a friends who thought they were my friends are now against me.

        They think I’m better off without me and they even telling the truth that they don’t like my interest. (Like Kpop, Anime, etc.)

        But worse of all, they didn’t like the way what I am because I’m too different from each other.

        They even told me that people with Autism are stupid, annoying, retard, and they are getting in their way. And I was feeling hurt by their sayings like what’s their problem??

        Worse they said to me that I should act my age and act like a normal human being like the rest of them.

        And, they are telling me that Ravi/Kim Wonshik is now part of problematic person in the list of Kpop artists who are problematic after they read a scandal and how he left VIXX because of his scandal.

        And that’s when they begin to beat me up to death. I cried and screaming for help and coming to rescue me but there’s no answer and no one’s going to rescue me.

        Until everything went black and that’s when I scream and cry from a nightmare…

        Would anyone interpet this for me? This bad dream I dreamt is from last August 5, 2023.

        Thank you and have a wonderful time.

        • It sounds like this dream represents some deep insecurities and fears you have about being rejected or mistreated by friends for being different. The friends attacking your interests and identity likely symbolize your worries about not being accepted for who you are. Dreams often exaggerate or manifest our unconscious anxieties.

          This doesn’t mean these things will actually happen in real life. Try to have compassion for yourself and know that the right people will appreciate you for your uniqueness. Focus on surrounding yourself with supportive friends who build you up rather than tear you down.

          The darkness at the end could represent the feeling of being alone, but remember you have inner strength and resilience. With self-acceptance, you can get through challenging times. This dream may be an opportunity to grow in self-love and confidence.

  7. That one Tom and Jerry episode that still impacts my dreams to this very day.

    In my early days of life, I used to watch a lot of Tom and Jerry, and there was this one episode where there was a blue robot cat that Tom created, so that he could catch Jerry for him.

    However, since I was 4, this robot cat started appearing in my dreams, and he was no longer a cat, but a weird robot creature that still had the same shape as that robot cat from T&J. Only this time he had a chicken comb, and proudly identified himself as a chicken because of it. But that creature hasn’t done anything good in my dreams, he has given me several nightmares during my childhood years. His role in my dream is to randomly appear, catch me and eat me up and swallow me alive. Then my dreams end. He goes by the name “Røbenskant/Röbenskant”, and loves to eat and molest children. He was also known as “Shiny”. There were several color variants of him, but he was dark blue most of the times. There were more than one “Røbenskant”. He would just come to end my life when I was doing normal everyday stuff. I often ran away from him, or tried to fight him back. However, he was made of metal so strong that he would never be destroyed. He had the ability to talk, but his voice was so ugly.

    In one dream, I was sleeping under the quilt, it was dark, and then he just swallowed me whole, and I had this feeling of falling until I hit a metal wall. I don’t remember anything past that. (I was 9 when I had that dream)

    In another dream, he talked to my parents so that they would agree with him that he should be able to eat me. I then flied off the window. (I was 7 when I had that dream)

    In another dream, I was playing with toys in the kindergarten until a blue knight version of him went upstairs and then he tried hard to eat me, but I then tried to break his jaw, with success, but then the dream ended (I was 5 when I had that dream)

    He has appeared in so many dreams, trying to eat me for no reason, only to scare me and end my happy dreams.

    As I grew up, he started to appear less in my dreams, and at the same time I had less nightmares. When he appeared in my dreams, he often tend to give up his plans to eat me, because I started becoming stronger in my teenage years, and I actually started making real life friends at that time. He was less willing to eat me, because I finally knew how to fight back that evil robot. I just punched him or kicked him and then he would despawn like the mobs do in Minecraft. He does however respawn sometimes in my other dreams.

    In one of my recent dreams, he appeared once more, this time I begged my father to save some friends from school, because me and them were targets of being eaten up by that robot. My father then drove me to the place where one of my friends got chased by that robot. The friend was able to hop in the car before that robot did, but then one of the car windows were open, and the robot jumped up and then tried to bite me, I just held him and asked him why he eats and tortures children. He then said something special; “I only target people who are born in the same year as you, and in some cases, people born in 2003 and 2005. I then punched him hard out of the car, and the dream ended.

    • The recurring blue robot cat likely represents some childhood fear or anxiety that started when you were very young after seeing that Tom & Jerry episode. The fact that it tries to “eat” or harm you in the dream could symbolize a fear of being consumed or overpowered by this anxiety. Its arbitrary targeting of certain age groups may signify a fear of peers or not fitting in.

      As you got older and made real friends, you gained confidence and strength to face this fear, which is why you’re able to fight back against the robot cat in later dreams. Its decreasing appearances in your dreams shows you overcoming this anxiety over time. But the fact that it still sometimes reappears signifies it’s an insecurity that still lingers in your subconscious from time to time.

      Overall, this dream seems to represent facing and conquering a childhood fear or insecurity. The robot cat monster is a manifestation of that inner anxiety. As you grow up, you’re increasingly able to stand up to it, showing your personal growth. But remnants of that fear may still crop up on occasion as you continue maturing. With time and experience, you’ll likely gain even more confidence to face any lingering traces of that anxiety.

      It is important to remember that dreams are not always literal. They can be symbolic representations of our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. The next time you have a nightmare about the robot cat, try to think about what it might be trying to tell you. What are you afraid of? What are you struggling with? Once you understand the meaning of the dream, you can start to face your fears and overcome them.

      Here are some tips for dealing with nightmares:

      1. Talk to someone you trust about your nightmares. This could be a parent, friend, therapist, or anyone else who you feel comfortable talking to.

      2. Write down your nightmares in a journal. This can help you to process them and make sense of them.

      3. Practice relaxation techniques before bed, such as deep breathing or meditation. This can help to calm your mind and body and make it less likely that you will have nightmares.

      4. If you have a recurring nightmare, try to change the ending. For example, if the robot cat always eats you, try to imagine yourself fighting back and defeating it.

      5. If you are having trouble sleeping because of nightmares, talk to your doctor. They may be able to prescribe medication to help you sleep more soundly.

      Remember, you are not alone. Many people have nightmares, and there are things you can do to cope with them. With time and effort, you can overcome your fears and nightmares.

  8. I had a dream I was dating an older man and his kids hated me. His kids were my cousins that I grew up with, and some were my former neighbors’. My great-grandmother visited us, not liking my affair with the older man, my mother was there, she gave me, and my cousins, one is still alive and the other committed suicide, R9.90 each. She forbade me from counting it.

    • Dreams are highly personal and can be influenced by a variety of factors, including your experiences, emotions, and thoughts. While I can’t provide a definitive interpretation, I can offer some insights into the symbolism present in your dream:

      Dating an Older Man: The older man in your dream could represent wisdom, experience, or authority. It might reflect a desire for guidance or a longing for a mentor figure in your life. Alternatively, it could symbolize a search for stability and security.

      Kids Hating You: The negative feelings from the kids (who are your cousins and former neighbors in the dream) could mirror insecurities or conflicts you might be experiencing in your waking life. It’s possible that you feel judged or rejected by others, or that you’re facing challenges in your relationships.

      Great-Grandmother’s Disapproval: Your great-grandmother’s disapproval of your relationship with the older man might represent your inner conflicts or doubts about pursuing certain paths in life. This could indicate a struggle between tradition and your desires.

      Mother’s Presence and Money: The presence of your mother and the money given to you and your cousins might symbolize nurturing and support, both emotionally and materially. The money itself might represent resources, potential, or opportunities that are being shared or distributed.

      Forbidding to Count Money: The act of forbidding you from counting the money could suggest that you’re valuing something beyond material gain. It might be indicating that your focus should be on relationships, emotions, or experiences rather than simply quantifiable things.

      Dreams often tap into our subconscious thoughts, emotions, and concerns, so it’s important to consider the context of your current life situation and feelings. Think about recent events, personal challenges, or changes that might relate to the elements in your dream. However, please remember that dream interpretations are subjective, and the true meaning of your dream ultimately lies within your own feelings and experiences. If you find persistent themes or emotions in your dreams troubling, it might be helpful to discuss them with a mental health professional.

  9. I had a dream where my passed animals who had died or went to new homes came back and all lived with me and my one year old cat. Then on a work surface in the kitchen I saw a very large pink snake curled around items on work bench. The snake had a big hole in its head and although very much alive it started to move towards myself and then chased my cat I dived in and saved my cat it kept trying to attack me however I held it firmly and was able to gain control and then as it was just about to bite I stabbed it in the head with a nearby knife.. my cat was sleeping beside me in my waking dream. Thankyou kind regards

    • Dreams can be highly personal and symbolic, so their interpretations can vary based on an individual’s experiences, emotions, and thoughts. However, I can offer you some general symbolic interpretations of the elements in your dream:

      Passed Animals Returning: The presence of your deceased or rehomed animals could symbolize unresolved feelings or emotions related to these past relationships. It might suggest a desire for reconnection, closure, or a wish to hold onto the positive memories associated with them.

      Living Together: Having all your animals, past and present, living with you could indicate a desire for companionship, a sense of unity, or a wish to preserve the bonds you’ve had with them.

      One-Year-Old Cat: Your one-year-old cat could represent a new beginning or a young aspect of yourself. Cats in dreams often symbolize independence, curiosity, and mystery.

      Large Pink Snake: Snakes in dreams can have various meanings, often related to transformation, change, hidden fears, or even sexuality. The snake’s pink color might suggest that these transformations or changes are related to your emotions or matters of the heart.

      Big Hole in Snake’s Head: The hole in the snake’s head could be symbolic of vulnerability or something missing. It might reflect feelings of powerlessness or a sense that something in your life isn’t quite right.

      Kitchen Work Surface: The kitchen is often associated with nourishment and sustenance. The presence of the snake in this area might suggest that there are challenges or disruptions in your ability to nourish yourself emotionally or creatively.

      Knife and Stabbing: Using a knife to stab the snake could symbolize confronting and overcoming a challenge or threat. It might suggest that you are taking action to deal with a situation that has been causing you stress or anxiety.

      Protecting Your Cat: Your protective instincts towards your cat in the dream could be a reflection of your desire to safeguard something vulnerable or important to you in your waking life.

      Remember that dream interpretations are not definitive and should be considered along with your personal emotions, experiences, and circumstances. If this dream is causing you distress or if you find it recurring, it might be helpful to explore its symbolism with a professional, such as a therapist or counselor, who can provide personalized guidance based on your situation.

  10. In a dream, I encountered a mighty lion. Its eyes held ancient wisdom, and its golden mane shimmered in ethereal light. Fear melted into awe as we connected. With a touch, courage surged within me. The lion’s message was clear: embrace inner strength. As I awoke, that courage remained, a reminder that within, I too am as bold as the lion in my dreams.

    • This dream symbolizes encountering inner strength and courage. The lion represents power and leadership, its wisdom-filled eyes suggest intuition, and its shimmering mane embodies a transcendent connection. Fear turning to awe signifies emotional transformation.

      Touching the lion reflects merging conscious and subconscious, and the message to embrace inner strength resonates. Awakening with courage signifies a lasting impact, a reminder of your own bold potential akin to the lion’s might. This dream encourages recognizing and utilizing your innate strength in life’s journey.

    • Dreaming of being around famous people may suggest a desire for recognition, influence, or social connections. It could reflect aspirations or a need for escapism. The specific meaning depends on your personal context and emotions in the dream.

  11. Dreamed I was in front of church lots of others the leader says your with the minister every one come in I said I forgot something I’ll be right back next scene (by the way me and husband we are separated ) me and husband Was in this big beautiful new house some lady was looking in small round windows of house and we were trying not to let her see us next scene husband was at his aunts old house which is in ruin cause no one has lived there for years

    • This dream may reflect your search for guidance and spirituality (church and minister), but a hesitation to fully commit to it due to personal issues (separation). The new beautiful house represents a desire for stability and success. The lady looking in windows might symbolize feelings of vulnerability or intrusion in your life. Your husband at his aunt’s ruined house could signify nostalgia or reflection on the past. Overall, the dream may represent your struggle to balance your current situation with your aspirations and personal boundaries.

  12. I had a dream I was in a room with my husband and daughter. He was in restroom. My daughter spilled milk and I was trying to clean up the milk. As I was cleaning up I looked out the window and we were surround by water and a group of orange koi fish swims toward me and there’s a giant fancy tail goldfish swimming in the group also. I looked back in the room and try to clean up a few more thing and I looked out the window again and this time the water has dried up and the fishes are out of the water (alive) and there was a rooster walking around.

    • This dream may symbolize a mix of emotions and experiences. Being in a room with your husband and daughter could represent your family life.

      The spilled milk and your efforts to clean it might signify a need to address or fix something in your family dynamics. The water and fish may symbolize emotional depth and fertility, while the rooster might represent awakening or change.

      The transformation from water to a dry environment suggests a shift or transition in your life, possibly involving unexpected changes and new opportunities. Overall, the dream might reflect a desire for stability, growth, and adaptation within your family and personal life.

  13. I’ve had two recent dreams about the love of my life, who died 4 years ago. In the first dream he appeared before me looking very sad and distressed. He said “I love you”, he hugged me, and then he vanished. I woke up feeling very close to him, as though he’d actually been there. But the second dream, which followed a few nights later, was far more ominous. In that one he reappeared, and I said to him urgently “We need to talk!” I then noticed white light streaming out of both his eyes, accompanied by some very loud background noise that may have been musical since it was rising to a crescendo. I was overwhelmed by a feeling of WRONGNESS, and before I could communicate with him he again disappeared.

    • Dreams about a deceased loved one can be emotionally charged and subjective. In the first dream, his appearance, the expression of love, and the subsequent vanishing may signify a longing for closure or a desire to reconnect with the positive memories associated with him.

      The second dream, with its ominous elements, might represent unresolved emotions or fears related to his passing. The white light from his eyes and the overwhelming feeling of wrongness could reflect your inner turmoil and the difficulty in coming to terms with his death.

      These dreams may serve as a way for your subconscious to process your grief, emotions, or unresolved issues connected to the loss of your loved one. It could be helpful to discuss these dreams with a grief counselor or therapist to gain a deeper understanding of your feelings and find ways to cope with your loss.

  14. 4 years ago I dreamt my second daughter had died. The dream said “Suzie died at 7.15”. I woke up in shock believing she had died. After a few moments I realised it was a dream and forgot about it. I recalled the saying that if you dream of a death there will be a birth, so when she called me a few days later I asked if she was expecting as baby. And yes, she was, She hadn’t want to tell anyone until she was sure.
    Now I had a dream about my youngest daughter. She was sentenced to death by lethal injection at 7.30pm. We had limited time to hug her and say goodbye, but there didn’t seem to be a hurry.
    The next morning in waking life she calls me (she currently lives abroad), in tears about her life and not being able to deal with things. I mentioned my dream and and said I thought things weren’t well with her. She asked me about the dream I had. Should I tell her?

    • Dreams can be mysterious and often don’t have a straightforward explanation. It’s important to approach discussions about dreams with sensitivity, as they are highly subjective experiences and interpretations can vary widely.

      In this case, it might be best to share the dream with your daughter in a gentle and supportive manner. Emphasize that dreams are not literal predictions of the future, but they can sometimes reflect our subconscious thoughts, fears, or concerns. You can express your love and concern for her well-being without causing unnecessary alarm.

      You might say something like, “I had a dream that involved you, and I want to share it with you because I care about you. However, please remember that dreams are not always clear indicators of reality, and I don’t want to cause unnecessary worry. In the dream, there were some distressing elements, and it made me think about how you might be feeling. How are you doing lately? Is there anything you want to talk about or share with me?”

      This approach allows you to express your concern while giving her the opportunity to open up about her feelings and experiences. It’s important to be supportive and understanding, and if she feels comfortable, she may share more about what’s going on in her life. If her struggles seem significant, encourage her to seek professional help or support from friends and family.

  15. Had a dream that I had two dogs and one I was feeding and the other (a black dog) I was leaving to waste away. I was suffocating it too. Black dog ended up biting me and eventually went on a panicked journey to try and feed it. I brought some friends with me who I love a lot. I wanted to feed it flies but nowhere sold flies. On this journey, everywhere we went, people asked me ‘what’s wrong with you’ and I replied ‘no sorry nothing o do with you, I just really want to it some flies’. The whole time there were so many flies flying around me and I was grabbing them and killing then in my fingers as they flew around my ears. I was trying to avoid these flies by going inside.

    • Dreams can be complex and highly subjective, but this dream seems to reflect inner conflicts and feelings of neglect or guilt. The two dogs may represent different aspects of yourself or relationships, with the black dog symbolizing a neglected or suppressed part.

      The act of suffocating it suggests inner struggles and the consequences of ignoring certain emotions or issues. The biting could represent the emotional pain that arises from neglect. Your journey to feed the black dog, accompanied by friends you love, reflects a conscious effort to address these neglected aspects. The desire to feed it flies, despite the challenges, may symbolize a need for unconventional or difficult solutions.

      The societal reactions and your insistence on the flies could indicate a fear of judgment or societal expectations conflicting with your personal journey of self-discovery and healing, perhaps involving discomfort and challenges along the way. The act of avoiding flies by going inside may signify a desire to shield yourself from external pressures and distractions in this introspective process.

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