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What Does It Mean to Dream About Purses

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Dreams have been a source of fascination and intrigue for many people throughout history. We often wonder what our dreams might mean and how they relate to our waking lives.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the topic of dreaming about purses, and what it might reveal about the dreamer’s subconscious mind.

Quick Answer

Dreaming about purses can represent your personal belongings, financial situation, or hidden desires. The symbolism of the purse and its contents can provide insight into your subconscious thoughts and emotions.

The Symbolism of Purses in Dreams

To understand the meaning of dreaming about purses, it’s important to first understand the symbolic meanings that purses can hold. Purses are often associated with wealth, as they are used to hold money and other valuables.

They can also represent a sense of identity or self-worth, as the contents of the purse may reflect the things that are important to the dreamer. Additionally, purses can symbolize security and protection, as they are used to keep important items safe.

Depending on the context and details of the dream, a purse can symbolize:

  • Personal belongings: A purse is often used to store and carry our personal items, such as our phone, keys, or makeup. In dreams, a purse may represent our sense of identity and self-expression, as well as our personal boundaries and possessions.
  • Financial resources: Purses can also contain money, credit cards, or other forms of wealth. In dreams, a purse may reflect our financial situation, including our income, expenses, or worries about money.
  • Security and protection: Purses are often used to keep our belongings safe and secure. In dreams, a purse may symbolize our need for protection, safety, or emotional security.
  • Femininity and womanhood: Purses are often associated with women and femininity, and may represent aspects of our gender identity or societal expectations.

Common Themes in Dreams About Purses

Dreams about purses can take on many different forms, but there are some common themes that may appear. For example, dreaming about losing a purse can represent a fear of losing something valuable or important in one’s waking life.

Finding a purse in a dream may represent a discovery of something valuable, or a new opportunity that has presented itself. Dreaming about someone else’s purse can indicate feelings of jealousy or a desire to take on the qualities of the person who owns the purse.

So what does it mean to dream about a purse? As with any dream symbol, the meaning can vary depending on the individual’s personal associations and experiences. However, here are some common interpretations of purse dreams based on various sources and cultural beliefs:

1. Dreaming about an empty purse

This may reflect a sense of loss, lack, or insecurity in your waking life. You may feel like you’re missing something important, or that you don’t have enough resources to support yourself.

2. Dreaming about a lost or stolen purse

This can be a distressing dream, as it may indicate a sense of vulnerability, powerlessness, or violation. You may feel like you’re being taken advantage of or that you’ve lost something valuable.

3. Dreaming about a full or overflowing purse

This can be a positive dream, as it may symbolize abundance, prosperity, or good fortune. You may feel like you’re experiencing a windfall or that your hard work is paying off.

4. Dreaming about a new or fancy purse

This may reflect your desire for status, recognition, or luxury. You may feel like you want to stand out or be noticed for your accomplishments.

5. Dreaming about giving or receiving a purse

This can be a significant dream, as it may reflect your relationship with the person involved and the emotions associated with the act of giving or receiving. You may feel grateful, appreciated, or obligated.

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Interpretations of Dreams About Purses

When it comes to interpreting dreams about purses, there are several possible meanings that may apply.

For example, if the dreamer is feeling a sense of financial insecurity, dreaming about a purse could be a manifestation of those worries. If the dreamer is experiencing a sense of loss or instability in their life, dreaming about losing a purse may reflect those emotions.

Alternatively, dreaming about finding a purse could indicate a sense of newfound security or a positive change in the dreamer’s life.

What to Do After Dreaming About Purses

If you have had a dream about a purse and are curious about its meaning, there are a few things you can do to gain insight.

One option is to keep a dream journal, where you can write down your dreams and any thoughts or emotions that come up while reflecting on them.

You can also discuss your dreams with a trusted friend or family member, or seek out the help of a professional dream interpreter. Here are some tips for analyzing and interpreting your dreams:

  • Keep a dream journal: Write down your dreams as soon as you wake up, including any significant details, emotions, or impressions. This can help you remember your dreams more vividly and notice patterns or recurring themes.
  • Pay attention to emotions and context: Dreams are often influenced by our waking life experiences and emotions. Try to connect your dream to any current or past situations that may be relevant. Consider the emotions you felt during the dream and how they may relate to your waking life.
  • Seek outside perspectives if needed: If you’re having trouble interpreting your dream or want additional insight, you can consult with a therapist, dream interpreter, or trusted friend. They may offer a different perspective or help you uncover hidden meanings in your dream.


Dreaming about purses can offer valuable insights into our inner thoughts, feelings, and desires. By exploring the symbolic meanings and interpretations of purse dreams, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our relationship with the world around us.

Whether your purse dream was positive, negative, or neutral, it’s an opportunity to reflect on your personal beliefs and experiences and find ways to grow and learn from them.

So the next time you find yourself dreaming about a purse, take a moment to reflect on what it might be trying to tell you. By paying attention to the symbols, emotions, and contexts involved, you can uncover hidden truths and insights that may help you in your waking life.

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